Knight Age Gameplay

Knight Age Gameplay is very simple in all honesty. For one, the game play mode where you see different types of gifts being given is a sign of the Asian culture where giving gifts is a ritual and to see a game kind of allude to that point is nothing short of amazing. Now, if something like this got in the way of game play, or the actual game itself, then it would probably be a detriment to the pc game.

This usually happens in the background and this is merely a reference to the Far East’s Culture. The game play mode allows you to go back in time and ride donkeys until you have gotten your donkey fix. This game happens to be in 3D, which is probably the coolest feature on the entire game along with the graphics as I have said time and again.

The best part about the game play on this game is that you literally use the mouse for everything. Did you get that? EVERYTHING from aiming to lancing to getting prepared to strike. The one area that this game could use a lot of help in is the loading aspect in that it takes both day and night to load, which could turn a lot of people off.

But as far as overall game play is concerned, it is the kind of game that we hardcore gamers call “keepers” as there is never really a dull moment during this game and the background and graphic of this game more than do what they are there to do because every time I thought about quitting or something to that effect, I couldn’t help but to stare at the background to notice all of those beautiful graphics, which is kind of rare for online internet PC games (at least those kinds of designs).

The chat feature was something that I almost missed while playing this game, which is something cool that all video games new or newer should adapt to as that is what a lot of players want to do now anyways. My only issue with this chat option is the censorship to the highest degree one could possibly go. That kind of takes the fun out of chatting and when you have a cool feature such as chatting on a game like this, it can do a lot of good for you and there is not many games who can say that they have that feature.

I think Knight Age has to start taking advantage of this chat availability to users who play the game as many may want to share results on various different sites like instagram, facebook, or twitter, also something that Knight Age needs to invest heavily in. This is a well-written game and an even better developed game as culture is definitely a fixture and they inject it into the game, which is a bonus for pretty much all parties that are involved.

It is really hard sometimes to continually stay motivated to keep playing this game. Sometimes, even though the boards are different, the game play slows down and the game sort of becomes a drag for a little short time. In the last few levels is where things sort of get confusing and a bit dicey (but definitely the biggest challenge I have seen so far online with PC games). During level 12 is where you as gamers have to be really careful.

This guy kills you with just one hit and this can be something that is played over and over again. I have yet to beat the character, but I stink and all it takes is one. If you’re the ultimate competitor, this guy will give you all you can handle. I have to say this game was awesome and that it is easy to control from a buttons point of view.



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