Knight Age 3

Knight Age 3 is a very terrific and inspiring game, especially for game developers who are looking to do things in this realm of expertise.

First off, this game is way superior to the original Knight Age and Knight Age 2 for quite a few different reasons. This game contains a superior music system, more characters to navigate and fight enemies off with, new buddies who help you find your way and fight through the missions, and user control is very much more simplified.


For one, there is now only two buttons that you really need to use for game play and Knight Age 3 makes sure that the game is easy for everyone to use (passing levels is a different thing but..).

There is also a new shopping plaza at the start screen of the game for the purpose of using rewards from the game to unlock some more characters, scenes, and advanced spears. In Knight Age 3, the music is awesome in that it plays everything random from the start of the program. The music plays everything from Taylor Swift to Chris Brown and while you are playing any game, those two are not bad options to have in the background music.

You know, most of us are used to crappy background music in our PC games, but this game has some really catchy songs to it (just look at the audio list).

Knight Age 3 has better dialogue and camera angles that focus in most certainly on the dialogue between hero and villain. Knight Age 3 is about the Knight recapturing a woman who he captured years ago, until he meets the villain from hell…oh, a fuzzy and mean looking Teddy Bear and the man who stands behind the bear’s destruction, or responsible I shall say.

The graphics in this game is also 3D and fits very well into what the developers of this game wanted people to get out of it as far as catching the eyes and creating a beautiful game.

There are 5 unlockable characters in this game and each of them has their own distinct way of going about their business when it comes to fighting for their lives…and “pupas”. The game play is also pretty great. It allows you to do a lot of other different things with the scenery matching what an individual brings to the table.

This game is also great because you can choose animals to be characters as well. The Knight Age 3 has been getting rave reviews about its stellar accessibility due to the prior games kind of being out to lunch in those particular areas, even though they were good games too.

People characters are Bobby the Jet, Victor the farmer, Vanessa the Ninja, and Kai the assassin. I have to admit, ever since the movie 300 came out, I have been loving ninja and assassins go at it. Bobby the Jet flies like a Jet while dropping grenades all over the place. Bobby has a nice roundhouse kick as well and remember, you have to press either the “A” button or the “B” button to get basic controls. Of course, the previous games were pretty bad about this. This one actually allows you to choose the buttons that you are comfortable with on the keypad.

Vanessa is a ninja who has quite an extensive usage of moves. Victor throws apples and oranges from afar to cripple his opponents, and Kai the assassin is pretty self-explanatory as he carries a loaded weapon or water gun, you are the jury. This game is action-filled and has a villain of some sort at every turn.



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